Das Air Cargo Logistics and Transportion Services

Established in 1983, DAS Air Cargo is a modern, professional and efficient ALL CARGO airline. Operating a comprehensive fleet of aircraft, they are equipped with the flexibility to deliver a vast variety of cargo around the globe

They have built an enviable reputation for reliability and on-time performance operating daily scheduled services and ad-hoc charters

Frequently called upon to provide tailor made cargo solutions designed to meet specific and individual requirements, they have extensive experience dealing with all types of cargo, including live animals and perishables

Operating out of hubs in Amsterdam, London Gatwick, Dubai, Entebbe and Lagos, their scheduled services link Africa with Europe, the Middle East and Asia

Flying into the new millennium, our commitment remains strong and our targets clear - to be the BEST IN OUR INDUSTRY and to deliver a service that is WORLDCLASS - WORLDWIDE

The logistic flow of cargo would not be completed unless an intermodal link between air cargo and ground transportation is established. We provide that link by having four simultaneous loading docks for full size trucks that allow easy access to highway systems.

Dairo Air Services was granted a self-handling concession by the Civil Aviation Authority in 1996. Over the years, Dairo Air Services has acquired a lot of experience in ground handling at Entebbe International Airport. As a result of this and because of the anticipation of business in the airline industry, Dairo Air Services has made substantial investments.

Dairo Air Services was granted a Ground Handling license at Entebbe International Airport in 2002 by Civil Aviation Authority. Dairo Air Services has invested a substantial amount in ground handling equipment. To-date Dairo Air Service has various equipment, which are operational at Entebbe International Airport. The company employs over 199 specialized and non professional staff.

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